An Open Letter to Snowflakes

This is FrostProof808. Be forewarned: Snowflakes melt on contact.

I am a professional fiction writer. However, I was absent from Writer School the day they served that special blend of Kool-Aid. I am not a liberal socialist or a fascist (but I repeat myself). Nor am I an extreme right-wing bible thumper. Nor am I a moderate or any other label.

I’m just a guy who prefers to feed my own family before trying to feed everyone else’s.

I prefer that my country has the same secure borders demanded by every other sovereign nation on earth. I prefer that people who wish to emigrate to the USA do so through legal means. I prefer that murderers, rapists and terrorists, regardless of race, nationality or creed, are stopped and turned away at the border.

I have many more preferences, but basic to all of them is that I simply take responsibility for my own life and recommend others do the same. Yes, even you.

I support the Constitution of the United States. I believe the rights afforded by that Constitution should and do extend to all citizens of this nation.

I also believe, with conviction, that one person’s rights — even yours — stop where the next person’s rights begin. For example, You have a right to free speech. Then again, Everyone Else has the right to not listen to you. See how that works?

If you came here prepared to be offended, I can almost guarantee you will be. If you don’t like feeling offended, I recommend you resign as General Manager of the Universe, stop rioting every time you don’t get your way, and try instead to exercise some of that “tolerance” you’re always yapping about.

There are no “safe spaces” here for darlings who believe the world owes them a living or that everyone in it should be required to do their bidding.

There is no room here for lies, innuendo, half-truths or other liberal socialist propaganda. There is also no room for anyone who wants to force their opinions on anyone else.

The good, common-sense people of all races and beliefs who actually contribute more than their sound-bite driven opinion to this nation are in control again now. Leave us alone. Let us do our job. We’ll make things better for everyone. Yes, even you.

For just one small example, I hope, fervently, we’re headed back toward a society in which children who win are rewarded with trophies and pizza. And when children who do not win are rewarded with pats on the back, a smile and “You’ll get ’em next time,” and pizza. Both of those things will improve the child’s self-esteem.

But if you’re of a hive mentality, take heart. In a few years, probably, our apathy will grow. When that happens, the gimme-my-free-shit bunch and their enablers will take over again. Then you can get back to destroying the nation.

Until then, if you can’t support the nation you live in, please go live in a nation you do support.